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You Can Change the World DVD TV Jack Benny Bing Crosby (1951)

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You Can Change the World DVD TV Jack Benny Bing Crosby (1951)

Father Keller, founder of the Christophers, talks to a group of celebrities gathered at Jack Benny's house about the Christopher Movement and how they can help. They ask scripted questions and voice their support. Keller states the importance of people taking up careers that affect the fate of this country. When asked if they're anti-communist, he says their concept is to "put good people in fields, not chase evil people out." He relates Hitler's Germany to America's conditions; "We're either for God or against God, and if it's the latter, we'll pay the penalty and soon." He comments that Hitler and Marx tried to reduce man's worth to nothing, quoting them to prove it, and states that people have to get back to the Declaration of Independence. Paul Douglas recites the Declaration of Independence from memory while Father Keller stops him occasionally to explain it. Keller tells inspirational stories of "little people" who discovered the Christophers, to illustrate "what one little person can do." Bing Crosby sings The dream I'm building with composers Burke and Van Housen on piano. Benny reads Abraham Lincoln's last speech to Keller's approval with a moved Rochester stationed in the foreground

Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson ... Rochester
Jack Benny ... Himself
Ann Blyth ... Herself
Bing Crosby ... Himself
Paul Douglas ... Himself
Irene Dunne ... Herself
William Holden ... Himself
Bob Hope ... Himself
Father James Keller ... Himself
Loretta Young ... Herself

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