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Johnny Concho DVD Frank Sinatra Claude Akins (1956)

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Johnny Concho DVD Frank Sinatra Claude Akins (1956)

Johnny Concho stars Frank Sinatra as the title character, a callow young punk who lives off the reputation of his gunslinger brother. Most of the townsfolk consider Johnny to be nothing more than a cowardly bully; only Mary Dark (Phyllis Kirk), who loves Johnny, and gunfighter-turned-preacher Barney Clark (Keenan Wynn) can see the scared little boy beneath his swaggering facade. When word comes down that Johnny's brother has been killed and that the killers (William Conrad and Christopher Dark) intend to take over the town, Johnny runs like a scared rabbit. Eventually summoning up his innate courage, Johnny returns, hoping to convince the citizens to help him rid the town of the despotic killers. As "zero hour" approaches, however, Johnny is forced to go up against his enemies all by himself.

Frank Sinatra - Johnny Concho
Keenan Wynn - Barney Clark
William Conrad - Tallman
Phyllis Kirk - Mary Dark
Wallace Ford - Albert Dark
Dorothy Adams - Sarah Dark
Christopher Dark - Walker
Howard Petrie - Helgeson
Harry Bartell - Sam Geen
Willis B. Bouchey - Sheriff Henderson
Robert Osterloh - Duke Lang
Jean Byron - Pearl Lang
Leo Gordon - Mason
Claude Akins - Lem
John Qualen - Joke
Wilfrid Knapp - Pearson
Ben Wright - Benson
Joe Bassett - Bartender
Dan Riss - Judge Tyler

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Five Stars

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Quality Product

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absolutely breath taking

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Great Stuff

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Great Western

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A lost classic dvd a must have for any fan

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Larry 4 months ago

Glad to have found this

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