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Bachelor Father DVD TV John Forsythe 2 DVD SET (1957)

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Bachelor Father DVD TV John Forsythe 2 DVD SET (1957)

Bachelor Father is a sitcom starring John Forsythe that appeared on all three national television networks between 1957 and 1962. Bachelor Father debuted in the fall of 1957 on CBS. It followed the adventures of Bentley Gregg, a wealthy bachelor attorney living in Beverly Hills who assumes the responsibility of raising his niece, Kelly (Noreen Corcoran), after her parents die in an automobile accident. Other members of the Gregg household include houseboy Peter Tong (Sammee Tong), teenage neighbor and Kelly's boyfriend, Howard Meechum (Jimmy Boyd) and Jasper, the dog. (Sammee Tong committed suicide in 1964.Plots centered on Bentley's adjustments to his new role as an adoptive parent, Bentley's search for the right woman to share his life, Kelly facing the usual problems of adolescence and young adulthood as she goes from high school to college, and, less often, Peter's misadventures with some financial scheme. Had the series made it into the sixth season, plots would have undoubtedly extended to Kelly's impending marriage to Bentley's junior partner, Warren Dawson. The series ended prior to the wedding. One hundred fifty-seven episodes were aired. The program never finished any of its five seasons in the top 25 in the ratings. The program was first telecast on September 15, 1957, on CBS on Sunday evenings on alternating weeks with The Jack Benny Program. The show moved to NBC on Thursday nights in the summer of 1959 and concluded its run in September 1961. The series moved on to ABC on Tuesday nights in 1961 for its final season. The last episode ran September 25, 1962.

John Forsythe Bentley Gregg
Noreen Corcoran Kelly Gregg
Sammee Tong Peter Tong

It Happens in November
Trial Separation
A Crush on Bentley
Peter Gets Jury Notice
Hilda the Jewel
Ghost at Smuggler's Cove
King's English

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