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Cannonball DVD TV Paul Birch William Campbell (1958)

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Cannonball DVD TV Paul Birch William Campbell (1958)


Cannonball was a series of half-hour dramas about the adventures of two truckers who hauled freight on the highways of Canada and the U.S.A. Paul Birch (Mike Malone ) and William Campbell (Jerry Austin) Barrelin' down the highway, Wheelin' right along. Hear the tires hummin', Hummin' out a song. The rumble of the diesel, The shiftin' of the gears. The rhythm when he's rollin', It's music to his ears. Cannonball ! Cannonball ! Any kind of weather, Any time of day. When the rig is ready, He'll be on his way. He'll carry any cargo, He'll go

Paul Birch ... Mike Malone
William Campbell ... Jerry Austin
Beth Lockerbie ... Mary Malone
Howard Milsom ... Harry Butler
Steven Barringer ... Butch Malone
Beth Morris ... Ginny Malone

2 Episodes

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I am glad I found this awesome

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