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Bobby Darin and Friends DVD TV (1961)

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Bobby Darin and Friends DVD TV (1961)



Darin and friends perform music and discuss Kennedy's inauguration. BOBBY DARIN, BOB HOPE, JOANNIE SUMMERS, BILLY MAY and HIS ORCHESTRA, THE JUD CONLON SINGERS. Produced, written and directed by NORMAN LEAR and BUD YORKIN. Musical numbers staged by TONY CHARMOLI. Bobby sings and dances, plays the vibes and does an extended medley with Joannie Summers (including his hit "Mack The Knife"). Bob Hope does a monologue, including some one-liners about newly inaugurated President Kennedy. Bobby and Bob Hope do a vaudeville routine, a little soft shoe and into the grand finale

Bobby Darin ...  Himself
Jimmy Durante ...  Himself
Bob Hope ...  Himself
The Jud Conlon Singers ...  Themselves
Joanie Sommers ...  Herself

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