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Abbott and Costello Jack and The Beanstalk DVD (1952)

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Abbott and Costello Jack and The Beanstalk DVD (1952)

Abbott & Costello's version of the famous fairy tale, about a young boy who trades the family cow for magic beans.

Mr. Dinkle (Bud Abbott) and Jack (Lou Costello) look for work at the Cosman Employment Agency, whose agent Polly (Dorothy Ford) catches Jack's eye; however, his simple advances towards Polly are interrupted by the arrival of her boyfriend (Buddy Baer), a towering figure of a policeman. Polly assigns them to be babysitters for Eloise Larkin's (Shaye Cogan) brother Donald (David Stollery) and their infant sister, while she and her fiance, Arthur (James Alexander), perform in a local theatre production. Their sitters' duties are complicated by Donald being something of a child prodigy, as well as a self-proclaimed "problem child". The dull-witted Jack is immediately outclassed by Donald, and an attempt to lull the boy to sleep by reading the fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" (Jack's "favorite novel") aloud fails when Jack stumbles over some of the multi-syllable words. Bemused by his new babysitter, Donald graciously agrees to read the story to Jack instead, and the role-reversal is made complete when Jack falls asleep as Donald reads. He begins to dream that he is the young Jack of the story. Jack (Lou Costello) learns that the Giant (Buddy Baer), who lives in a castle in the sky, has stolen all of the food and all of the land's wealth, which now means that his kingdom's princess (Shaye Cogan) must marry a prince from a neighboring kingdom (James Alexander), whom she has never met. Jack must also make sacrifices, as his mother sends him to sell their last family possession of any value, their beloved cow "Henry", to the local butcher, Mr. Dinklepuss (Bud Abbott). Along the way he meets up with the prince, who is then kidnapped by the Giant after Jack goes on his way. The unscrupulous Dinklepuss trades five 'magic' beans to Jack for the cow. By the time he makes it back home, he learns that the princess has been kidnapped by the Giant, as well as Henry.

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