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Beauty and the Beast DVD TV Hallmark George C. Scott (1976)

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Beauty and the Beast DVD TV Hallmark George C. Scott (1976)

It all begins when Edward Beaumont (Bernard Lee) makes the fatal error of offending a bestial nobleman (Scott), whose ugly, boarlike countenance seemingly reflects a malevolent personality. To save her father from harm, Edward's gorgeous daughter, Belle (Van Devere), agrees to live as a permanent guest in the beast's huge, forboding mansion. Although he has all the resources of magic and mysticism at his beck and call, the Beast comes to the melancholy conclusion that the otherwise dutiful Belle will never consent to become his bride.

George C. Scott - The Beast
Trish VanDevere - Belle Beaumont
Virginia McKenna - Lucy
Bernard Lee - Beaumont
Patricia Quinn - Susan
Michael Harbour - Anthony
William Relton - Nicholas
Klaus Kinski

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Maria about 13 hours ago

What a Great Story George C Scott

anonymous last week

My Family is Happy to have found this DVD

anonymous about 3 weeks ago

A Classic

anonymous last month

Happy Days

Jack last month

received in three days

anonymous last month

Very Pleased with the order Have a nice day

anonymous 2 months ago

These folks have dvds that are not available anywhere

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