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Little Black Sambo DVD BANNED CARTOON (1935)

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Little Black Sambo DVD BANNED CARTOON (1935)

Mammy gives Little Black Sambo a quick scrub on the washboard, then pats him down with baby powder, black baby powder, before sending him off to play. She warns him about the tiger. "That ol' tiger sure do like dark meat!" The family dog has brushed up against a freshly painted fence and now fancies himself to be a scary tiger. Sambo mistakes his dog for the tiger and is chased right up a tree. Then the pair meet a real tiger. Sambo is scared white. They run home and lock themselves in, but the feline sneaks in the back way. Sambo sets a molasses trap for the tiger, then burns him with a red hot frying pan. Mammy and Sambo dance in their delight at ridding themselves of the tiger This episode is very rare and was banned from Television. This episode is uncut and the original full version. A handful of Cartoons from the World War II era are no longer aired on American television . due to the stereotypes of included in some of the cartoons.

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