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Mighty Mouse and Friends DVD 2 HOUR BANNED EPISODES (1942)

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Mighty Mouse and Friends DVD 2 HOUR BANNED EPISODES (1942)

These episodes are very rare and were banned from Television. These episodes are uncut and the original full version episodes of these cartoons A handful of Mighty Mouse episodes from the before and after World War II era are no longer aired on American television . due to the racial stereotypes and more included in these cartoons.


Wolf! Wolf! (1944)
Bars and Stripes Forever (1939)
Goofy Goofy Gander (1950)
Cad and Caddy (1947)
Westward Whoa (1926)
Slick Sleuths (1926)
Pest Pupil (1957)
Quack-a-Doodle Do (1950)
Cheese Burglar (1946)
Stupidstitious Cat (1947)

Mighty Mouse is on the way to Save the Day! Two Full hours of Mighty Mouse and other full color cartoon classics will entertain the whole family with fun and adventure.

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