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Mr Peabody and the Mermaid DVD William Powell Ann Blyth (1948)

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Mr Peabody and the Mermaid DVD William Powell Ann Blyth (1948)

Arthur Peabody (William Powell) is a slightly stuffy businessman from Boston who after turning fifty finds himself suffering from a full-fledged midlife crisis. On the advice of his doctor, Peabody and his wife Polly (Irene Hervey) head to the Caribbean for a restful vacation. One evening, Peabody decides to do some fishing, and he pulls in a highly unexpected catch -- a beautiful mermaid named Lenore (Ann Blythe). Peabody takes the mysterious creature home with him (keeping her in a backyard pond for safekeeping), but while he soon becomes infatuated with Lenore, she's quite shy around others, refusing to let people see her except for the tip of her tail, so few believe his story about the big one he's reeled in

William Powell - Mr. Peabody
Ann Blyth - Mermaid
Irene Hervey - Mrs. Polly Peabody
Andrea King - Cathy Livingston
Clinton Sundberg - Mike Fitzgerald
Art Smith - Dr. Harvey
Hugh French - Maj. Hadley
Lumsden Hare - Col. Mandrake
Fred Clark - Basil, Peabody's Gardener
James Logan - Lieutenant
Mary Field - Wee Shop Clerk
Beatrice Roberts - Mother

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