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The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show DVD TV (1961)

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The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show DVD TV (1961)

The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show is the collective name for two separate American television animated series: Rocky and His Friends (1959–1961) and The Bullwinkle Show (1961–1964). Rocky & Bullwinkle enjoyed great popularity during the 1960s. Much of this success was a result of it being targeted towards both children and adults. The zany characters and absurd plots would draw in children, while the clever usage of puns and topical references appealed to the adult demographic. Furthermore, the strengths of the series helped it overcome the fact that it had choppy, limited animation; in fact, some critics described the series as a well-written radio program with pictures

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anonymous 3 months ago

Old Style Gorgeous DVD

anonymous 11 months ago

They dont make cartoons like this anymore

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