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The Scarlet Letter DVD Colleen Moore (1934)

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The Scarlet Letter DVD Colleen Moore (1934)

Colleen Moore stars as 17th-century Salem resident Hester Prynne, who when she delivers a child out of wedlock is forced by the prudish townspeople to wear the scarlet "A" for adultery. The father of the baby is none other than Reverend Dimmesdale (Hardie Albright), who wants to confess to his indiscretion but is prohibited from doing so by the pious Hester. Things come to a sorry pass when Hester's long-missing husband Roger Chillingworth (Henry B. Walthall, repeating his role from the 1926 version) returns to Salem and demands a few immediate answers.

Colleen Moore      - Hester Prynne
Hardie Albright  - Arthur Dimmesdale
William Farnum  - Gov. Billingham
Alan Hale      - Bartholomew Hockins
Virginia Howell  - Abigail Crakstone
Cora Sue Collins  - Pearl
William Kent      - Samson Goodfellow
Betty Blythe      
Jules Cowles      

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